ISO 45001

When you want to get serious about health and safety, turn to ISO 45001. At DW Safety Management Services, we are able to implement a comprehensive health and safety system that will ensure you pass with flying colours. Our experienced consultants will use gap analysis processes to successfully integrate your own company's health and safety system, utilising the OHSAS ISO 45001 high-specification health and safety system.

Testing the Results

Once the implementation is complete, we will bring in an external accreditation auditing body to visit and review the complete health and safety management system. They will then award you the ISO 45001 certification. This process is incredibly beneficial for your company, as it helps to reduce insurance premiums and diminishes the risks faced by employees. It also ensures that you are fully compliant with all the applicable acts and legislation for your industry. Crucially, this service demonstrates your commitment to health and safety, reassuring everyone who is involved with your company, from auditors right through to the workforce.

Fairly Priced

The price of this invaluable service is charged at a day rate. However, clients are welcome to request a quotation. With no limit to the scale of our operations, we are certain to provide your company with tremendous guidance and support.

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