High-Quality Fire Risk Assessments and Safety Training

The management of fire safety on your premises is essential to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors. Ensure that everyone is safe by utilising our fire risk assessments and fire safety training solutions. DW Safety Management Services’ fire risk assessments will identify the fire hazards, people, and groups involved. We will evaluate the risks, examine your fire detection, fire warning, and emergency lighting systems, and the means of escape. The assessment contains an action plan for any improvements required, giving reasonable timescales to implement recommendations.

Consummate Professionals

Here at DW Safety Management Services, we only carry out one fire risk assessment per day, unlike other companies offering the service and completing up to 3 or 4 a day. When finding a competent assessor to complete a fire risk assessment for you, ask them how long they will be on site and what you will get for your money. With DW Safety Management Services, we go the extra mile and ensure that nothing is missed. You can be assured that we will not be rushing to complete the assessment to get to the next job. Our fire risk assessments will not be beaten for detail, quality, or price.

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