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Workplace Noise Risk Assessments

DWSafety have qualified consultants who can carry out an assessment of exposure to noise in your workplace.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations requires employers to prevent or reduce risks to Health and Safety from exposure to noise at work. In particular, it requires all companies to:noise volume

  • Assess the risks to employees from noise at work
  • Take action to reduce the noise exposure that produces those risks
  • Provide employees with hearing protection if they cannot reduce the noise exposure enough by using other methods
  • Make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded
  • Provide employees with information, instruction and training
  • Carry out health surveillance where there is a risk to health.

Meeting these requirements will ensure that you do not expose your employees to potential hearing loss from excessive noise and that they work in a safer environment.

DWSafety have qualified and experienced consultants who, using the most up to date equipment and calibrated to ensure it meets the standard required, can carry out an assessment of exposure to noise in your workplace. We will then recommend appropriate control measures and identify where improvements can be made to fulfil legal obligations.

Other assessments we can carry out
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