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Health & Safety

Health and Safety legislation applies to everyone involved in all organisations - employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors - regardless of the size. DWSafety offers an extensive range of Health and Safety services throughout the UK. Our professional service can provide employers and employees with a jargon free Health and Safety system and help our clients towards their Health and Safety goals and objectives

Industry-Specific Risk Assessments

DWSafety will carry out specific Risk Assessments relevant to your company. All Risk Assessments will be tailored to the needs of your organisation and ensure complete compliance to Health and Safety legislation. This means that you may rest assured that your obligations to Health and Safety are being fulfilled, no matter what your operations are. We guaranteed you will be happy with the work we undertake for you. 

Working Together

The work we carry out is completed according to strict, rigorous standards. Any improvement measures that have been identified will need to be implemented. We are more than happy to help you implement the findings from any assessment that we have undertaken. We will work with the client to resolve any of the findings at a time that suits the client. We will act as Health and Safety account manager, making ourselves available at any time to deal with your requests and enquiries.that he doe

At DWSafety we offer a wide range of Risk Assessments listed below. We also carry out Accident Investigations and a range of inspections, including racking and workplace inspections.

Risk Assessments are a fundamental requirement for businesses. If you don’t know, or appreciate where the risks are, you are putting yourself, your employees, your customers and your organisation in danger.

Employers must look at all work activities that could cause harm in order to decide whether they are doing enough to meet their legal obligations. This is a minimum requirement. If it is reasonably practicable to do so, employers should consider doing more than the legal minimum.

The aim should always be to reduce the risks as much as is 'reasonably practicable'.
The term "so far as is reasonably practicable" means that the degree of risk in a particular situation can be balanced against the time, trouble, cost and physical difficulty of taking measures to avoid the risk. If these resources are so disproportionate to the risk that it would be unreasonable to expect any employer to have to incur them to prevent it, the employer is not obliged to do so unless there is a specific requirement that he does.

Risk Assessments

COSHH Risk Assessments

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General Risk Assessments

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Manual Handling Risk Assessments

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Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments

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Other Assessments We Can Carry Out

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