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Display Screen Equipment Assessments

DWSafety can provide DSE Risk Assessments services.

Risk Assessments
In order to maintain a safe working environment and therefore a healthy, safe workforce, you will need to perform Risk Assessments. By law, regardless of the size of your organisation, every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the Health and Safety of their employees, to which they are exposed whilst they are at work.

Regulation 2 requires employers to carry out a 'suitable and sufficient analysis' of all workstations provided for use by users or operators - in other words, a Risk Assessment. The principal risks to be looked at for DSE work are defined as:

  • Physical (musculoskeletal) problems
  • Visual fatigue
  • Mental stress

The assessment must be reviewed when matters change.
Identified risks must be reduced to the lowest extent reasonably practicable.

Where users are required by the employer to work at home on DSE, whether or not the workstation is provided in whole or in part, an assessment must be carried out.

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (DSE Regulations) implement the requirements of the European Directive on minimum Health and Safety requirements for work with display screen equipment. They were updated and amended in 2002.
HSE also issued updated guidance at that time.

Definitions of Display Screen Equipmentdisplay screen equipment
Regulation 1 contains several important definitions:

'Display Screen Equipment' means any alphanumeric or graphic display screen, regardless of the display process involved.

Thus, the regulations do not only apply to VDU screens, but cover other methods of displaying data, such as microfiche and CCTV screens.

Certain other Display Screen Equipment is specifically excluded from the Regulations:

  • Display Screen Equipment contained in driver’s cabs or control cabs for vehicles or machinery
  • Display Screen Equipment on board a means of transport
  • Display Screen Equipment intended mainly for public operation
  • Portable systems not in prolonged use
  • Calculators, cash registers or equipment having a small data or measurement display required for the direct use of the equipment
  • Window typewriters (displaying only a few lines of text)

However, although excluded from the DSE Regulations, employers still have duties to assess risks from such equipment and to ensure that it is safe to use and without risk to health.

With portable systems, the phrase 'not in prolonged use' is important.

'User' or 'operator' - employee or self-employed person who 'habitually uses Display Screen Equipment as a significant part of his normal work.'

Only users and operators, as defined, are affected by the majority of the regulations, so it is important to ensure that the terms are understood.

DWSafety have qualified and experienced consultants who, using the most up to date techniques and knowledge of DSE, will ensure that you meet the standards required. We will then recommend appropriate control measures and identify where improvements can be made to fulfil legal obligations.

Other assessments we can carry out
At DWSafety we also carry out a non-exhaustive list of Risk Assessments, including
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• Ladders and Steps Risk Assessments
• Working at Height Risk Assessments
• Drivers Risk Assessments
• Stress Risk Assessments
• Vulnerable Persons Risk Assessments
• Method Statements and Safe Systems of Work
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