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We provide a wide range of Health and Safety consultancy services at a fixed day-rate

DWSafety professional consultancy solutions are designed to help our clients comply with Health and Safety legislation. Our services can be tailored to suit our client’s company’s individual needs, as and when they need it. We offer a flexible approach to small and medium size companies and a cost-effective way to receive professional advice at a low cost. The services we provide are to the same or even a better standard offered elsewhere but at a surprisingly low cost.

We also offer large organisations the same benefit from our services. We can provide professional support and guidance for your in-house Health and Safety employees.

As part of our services we can provide a wide range of Health and Safety consultancy and advisory services, including Risk Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, ISO 18001 implementation, Health and Safety audits, manuals and policies writing and implementing to name but a few. We can act as your point of contact for all your Health and Safety advice, as part of your legal obligations.

Why DWSafety?

• We are highly qualified and have a wealth of Health and Safety experience.
• We have implemented Health and Safety systems in a variety of environments/industries/sectors.
• We always ensure that the advice and documentation we offer is legally-compliant and practical to your business.
• We utilise our experience and knowledge to provide practical and effective solutions to most Health and Safety issues.
• If required, we can use you own documentation.
• All documentation is issued electronically and includes the client’s logo.
• We can manage all your company’s Health and Safety.

Evaluating Your Company

When we are contracted to perform any consultancy services we will travel to your company and provide you the services you requested/need. We can offer a comprehensive Health and Safety site audit of all the procedures and Health and Safety system your business already has in place. We will meticulously analyse the practises that your company undertakes to decide what is best for you and at a cost effective means.
We will produce a gap analysis report for your reference and will explicitly set out the actions and training your company must undertake in order to become fully compliant to any relevant Health and Safety legislation. This will provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage your Health and Safety responsibilities. The reports that we generate are typically supplied within 24 hours or normally on the same day of the audit.

Explaining the Results

Once we have carried out our thorough service, we will clearly debrief our customers, supply them with an inventory of what has been done and what changes are necessary as a result. All reports and assessments are emailed to clients expediently.

Affordable Service

The services we provide are the most competitively priced around, and among the best in the UK. With more than 10 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to expertly assist your company. We have very small overheads so that’s why we can be so competitive.

Contact me today for a Health and Safety consultation, including a thorough risk assessment.